RPD Course / Bego’s Wironium


Partial Denture Course / Beginner to intermediate

During this three day hands-on course participants will fabricate a maxillary and mandibular RPD frame in a state of the art CoCr alloy,Wironium, containing no nickel or berrylium. The two most popular techniques for duplicating will be used, hydrocolloid and silicon.This course provides technicians with helpful ideas when surveying master models  

as well as the benefit of internal and external finishing lines.

Technicians will realize how small changes will positively

influence the flow of a cobalt crome alloy.

European case design alternatives will be explored to help

technicians in marketing their partial frames at higher profit


A final highlight of this course will be the discussion of how

much time it takes to fabricate one RPD frame in comparison

to one PFM crown.

Enjoy this "rare" course and get helpful answers to your questions.


        Course is approved for 24 CDT Credits - Course Fee: $600.00


         All courses are available at BEGO USA in Rhode Island or in 
YOUR Dental Laboratory
Advanced Partial Denture Course 
This two day hands-on course is for the experienced partial technician who would like to fine tune their abilities in designing state of the art RPD frames. 
Participants may bring two cases with them. We will survey, design and block-out these cases during the course. 
The main focus of this course is to teach new techniques in designing the major connector in a curved, more symmetrical way, as well as the importance of the internal and external finishing lines. 
You will also create a stronger understanding of the physical and mechanical properties of cobalt-chrome alloys and how to enhance the aesthetics and the function of your case designs.
Ultra clean and dense refractory models duplicated in silicone and under pressure will be used in the class. 
At the completion of this advanced RPD course, each participant will sprue and invest their cases. If time allows we will cast them the same day, or casting and finishing will take place in your own laboratory. 

        Course is approved for 16 CDT Credits - Course Fee: $600.00


         All courses are available at BEGO USA in Rhode Island or in 
YOUR Dental Laboratory